Hi there!

I’m Frida and welcome to my blog. I’m glad you made it, what took you so long?

Now you’ve found me I’ll fill you in on why I started this blog. Born in London and raised in a household mixed with culture in the English countryside (I’m half Thai, half English, a bit of Indonesian and a Dutch heritage thrown in) I had the privilege of traveling from a young age which opened my eyes to the world beyond my small town.

Sadly, I lost sight of this in my twenties when the London rat race consumed me and I became that typical girl who lived for a week long holiday abroad,  travelling with a huge suitcase loaded with a dozen pairs of shoes.

Then came along this guy who completely turned my world upside down and showed me that there are so many places we can experience with the freedom of a backpack and a loose plan.

Don’t get me wrong, let me be honest here – there’s no way I’ve done a complete U-Turn – I still obsess over fashion and there will always be a couple of pairs of heels snuck in my bag, but ultimately I’ve learnt that there’s more to life than a 9-5. The world is a big place and I want to see all of it.

So I’ve done it. I’ve taken the plunge and traded my suitcase for a backpack but without trading my standards.  There’s no point in fooling myself that I’m 20 yrs old and willing to down a bucket of vodka red bull and bunk up in a dorm. I’m in my early thirties and I’m proud to say I’m happy to swap full moon parties for sunrise hikes. I prefer to rest my head at a mix of AirBnBs, quality hostels and hotels rather than share a bathroom with the young and carefree gap year travellers (no offence, I’m just middle-aged).

Stick with me and I’ll share with you some of the cool, beautiful places and cultures I’ve experienced that will open your eyes and your mind without breaking the bank.

I hope my blog offers guidance and inspires you to travel. I’m a true believer that it’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times, so join me, ask me questions and make it your experience too.

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